Friday, October 1, 2010

California May Stop Paying Some Workers Compensation Benefits

Since the state still has not passed a budget, the funding for workers compensation insurance benefits, food programs, disability, medical care and many other programs is drying up.

With no idea as to when or how some of these programs will be funded, the state will be cutting back on the payments and services to those who use these programs.

With workers compensation, the employer pays into the fund to cover workers in the event of an on the job or job related injury. The state then handles the claims and payments. With record unemployment and more people filing workers comp claims, and no budget the fund is drying up fast. Since most workers comp payments made by employers is determined by their payroll numbers, this means less money coming into the fund when unemployment is high.

Also, with high unemployment, I wonder how many of these claims are really work related injury and not just an attempt to get more benefits or hold on to a job position that may be eliminated. Only time will tell.

To contact your state legislature, click and type in your zip code. E-mail them and explain how their lack of action and party politics really affects the people they are supposed to serve. Tell them California needs a budget now.

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