Friday, July 29, 2011

Square Pegs in Round Holes.

Insurance is kinda odd at times. Trying to find the right carrier for a client and their property can be a challenge. Especially if the home was custom built.

Carriers are like people at your local salad bar. Some like olives in their salad, others want iceberg and mayo, and still others are allergic to beets.

Some carriers would not even consider a home built before 1950, others will, and some can't get enough of them. It is frustrating for clients purchasing insurance, frustrating for the agent too. All we want is a square hole to put the peg in, a policy that meets the clients and the properties needs.

When shopping for insurance, answer your agents questions honestly. If you don't understand something, ask them to explain the question. Remember, an inspector will come out to look at your home and report back to the underwriter first, then underwritting will make the report avalible to your agent. It's worth it to take your time, give an accurate picture of your home and any claims.

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