Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm Looking To Rent. Do I Need Renters Insurance?

In a word, yes. Many renters feel that they don't have enough valuable property to insure. The question you should be asking yourself is do I have the cash to replace EVERYTHING I own?

Renters insurance covers only your personal property. It does not cover the house, apartment, mobile home or room you are renting. It just covers your stuff. Dishes, clothes, sofa, bed, kids toys, jewelry, table chairs, stereo, Ipod, Ipad, eye-ware, etc. When you add up all the money you spent buying that stuff, it really adds up.

Also, some landlords prefer a tenant that has insurance over one that does not. That can really help if they have to sort through several applications.

Now imagine there is a fire one night. You and your children get out of the house with just the night clothes you are wearing. Everything else is gone. Where are you going to stay? How are you going to replace your stuff? Renters insurance will provide for your living expenses while you are displaced from where you live. Hotel room, meals, and other things can be reimbursed and paid for. There are also other coverages for liability and medical payments to others, even pets can be covered.

That's just one scenario where renters insurance pays for it's self.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012


If a fire breaks out and you are buying or selling your home, it could delay your transaction. Insurance carriers will declare a halt or moratorium on issuing or changing any policies in the area of the fire until it is out. Different carriers handle this differently, but most of them go by zip code and the location of the fire. I have had some carriers declare a moratorium in a zip code and others have been ok with that zip code. It pays to check around.

Also, carriers do this when a large fire has occurred and is not put out with in a day or if it grows quickly. If there is a brush fire in your area and it is under control quickly and put out, carriers in general will not put a halt to policy writing activities.

Would you like to pay for a house today, put all your stuff in it and have it burnt to the ground tomorrow morning? Neither would your insurance carrier. That is why they put these moratoriums in place.

If you are in a wild fire area and forced to evacuate, your homeowners insurance can provide reimbursement for expenses while you are away. Hotel rooms, food, and some other expenses may be covered even though your house did not burn. Check your policy for additional living expenses coverage or call your carrier.

Are you ready for fire season? Get a grab and go kit ready, dust off the one you have and update it.

Check out this great video from CALFIRE by clicking here