Saturday, November 23, 2019

Driving in Wet Weather? Here's some tips on staying safe.

You should never attempt to drive through water more than 6 inches deep or if the water comes to halfway up your tire. the car can become buoyant and float. Many people have thought that the water crossing a dip in the road is not very deep and been swept away. If in doubt, find another route!

Allow more time to get to where you are going. Going slower and allowing more time and room between you and the next vehicle will give you more time to react if traffic stops suddenly or you start to lose control of your vehicle. Also, there could be a need for you to take an alternate route due to an accident, downed lines, closed roads, etc. Always know where you are going and identify alternate routes. 

Check on traffic conditions before you leave. There are many mobile apps to help as well as Google Maps. Stop and take a break. When I am done with an out of town meeting or event I will seek out a nearby restaurant I want to try, a mall or someplace I can just sit down, have a snack or something to drink and wait out the traffic rush or plan another way home. 

Use a Bluetooth to chat on the phone. Many cars have it built in or you can get a headset. KEEP YOUR HANDS ON THE WHEEL. Driving is not the time to be proud of your multi-tasking skills. The text can wait. If it's super important, they will call you when you don't respond to a text. Consider using the auto reply feature on your phone. My phone will tell people I can't text because I'm driving right now but I will call back once I am stopped. Often times I get an "OK" text or more often than not a phone call! 

For more tips on driving in wet weather, click here.

You can also learn about what to do if you lose control of your car on a wet road (hydro-plain) here.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Trick or Treat? A few safety tips to keep Halloween fun.

Halloween is a fun time of year for many people. Trick or treating, games, fairs, parties and other celebrations kick off the holiday season.

Staying safe and having fun are not incompatible goals on such a great night.

First, if you have been drinking, don't drive. Call a cab, get a sober friend, or find the number to MADD or SADD for your area. Some of the MADD or SADD local groups operate a taxi service to pick you up and take you home only if you have been drinking and need a lift.

Second, don't text and drive. It's Halloween, you want to post the photo of you in your costume on instagram, twitter and Facebook so your friends can see how scary, fun and cool you look. Do it before you get in the car or when you get to the next destination, not while you are driving. No one wants your last post to be your LAST POST.

Also, consider the following:

1. Don't go out alone. Have a few friends with you.

2. If you are with a group of children, make sure they walk, not run, to the next place. Many children trip and fall while running.

3. Watch out for face paint. Some of it is not FDA approve and it can also cause an allergic reaction.

4. Keep a flash light with you and try to avoid poorly lit or dark areas. Where reflective tape, glow in the dark costumes, etc. to help motorists see you. You can even get a flashing light to put on your belt.

5. Only eat treats from places you trust or that are in manufactures wrapping. Check for puncture marks and tears in packages. If in doubt, throw it out.

6. Keep pets inside and away from the front door if you are handing out treats. Pets that are startled or exited can move really quick. They may think the person in the costume is trying to harm you and get protective. If your back yard is difficult to access form the front, sides or rear fence, keeping them there can help, but they could jump the fence to join the fun.

7. Finally, watch out for candles, oepn flames, and light bulbs. Costumes can catch fire if too near a heat source. Bulbs that are on for along time can get hot.

So, go out, have fun and stay safe!